Hi, I'm Michele

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CEO-Curis Consulting

Michele Thomson

Michele is a Registered Nurse turned healthcare leadership expert with more than 25 years of clinical and operational experience within seniors care. She supports innovative and evolving organizations who are ready to break free of the status quo and create healthy workplaces where shared values lead to employees feeling valued and who create exceptional customer experiences. ​

What You Will Learn:

How will you will grow as a leader?

  • Refine Your Purpose

  • Make Meaningful Human Connections

  • Empower Change

  • Take Care Of Self

Let's Do This

I am dedicated to helping leaders like YOU empower disengaged individuals to create respectful workplaces where shared values lead to exceptional outcomes. I have been passionate about helping leaders to grow by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone. I don't want you to spend any more time feeling frustrated and making things more difficult for yourself. Leadership comes down to: knowing your purpose who you serve and; nurturing meaningful human connections Using this course as a guide, you are on a path of self-discovery that will lead you towards a clear purpose, establish your values and leave you with the confidence that you are creating a legacy of creating a work environment where everyone thrives.